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Family Caring for Family


Heidehof is committed to protecting the health and safety of residents, tenants and employees in our Long Term Care Home, Edelweiss Apartments and Life Lease Condominiums. We are following all guidelines as per the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

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Welcome to Heidehof

Nestled in a north-end residential subdivision of St. Catharines just off the shores of Lake Ontario and in the centre of Niagara Peninsula’s wine and fruit-belt area, Heidehof offers a range of quality living environments and services for seniors, where the German language, cuisine, and culture still flourish.

Governed by an independent volunteer Board of Directors operated under the direction of the management team and supported by a membership of those subscribing to its goals and objectives, Heidehof has been serving the German-Canadian community at its current location since 1972.

From the moment our family arrived, you were welcoming, kind and professional. You recognized how stressful this time was for us, and you made our entrance to long term care bearable. Each member of your staff treated my husband and me with respect and kindness. This was all new and difficult for us, but your skill and professionalism gracefully turned what could have been a nightmare into a collaborative, safe experience.


Collectively, the sense of care and respect for my mother is exemplified by the administrative cooperation and efficiency of matters attend to. This sense of care and respect is reinforced by the genuine caring attitude of the personal support workers. The peace of mind this affords me regarding my mother’s welfare is truly invaluable. We have often commented to each other how fortunate she is to be in such a caring environment at Heidehof.


I am so fortunate to live in a not-for-profit facility for assisted living. We have indoor and outdoor common areas that provide a sense of community. An excursion list is published weekly. If we don’t feel like cooking, we can purchase lunch and dinner meals. Most importantly, the wellbeing of the tenants is given special attention by a very caring group of staff. How fortunate for those of us who call Heidehof HOME.


We want to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for all the wonderful, compassionate care that you provided to our beloved Mother, Antonia DiPietro, each and every day! Two years ago, as a family we hoped mom would feel as comfortable as possible in her new home at Heidehof, and we are so happy that you far surpassed our expectations!


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