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Lindenhaus is a three storey 90 unit apartment building operating on the life lease concept. This concept allows someone to purchase the right to occupy a particular unit and assures the resident of a permanent place to live, but without some of the responsibilities that accompany home ownership. A basic feature of this concept is that ownership of the building remains with Heidehof. This enables Heidehof to maintain control of the management and operation of the building. The occupant, therefore, does not purchase the apartment but rather purchases the right or privilege to occupy the apartment for the balance of their life, or until they decide to leave for whatever reason.

In other respects, this arrangement has many similarities to the present day condominium concept; the resident pays a monthly maintenance fee to cover the costs of taxes, utilities, reserves and maintenance. The resident also has the opportunity to use the existing services of Heidehof such as Assisted Living Services in Support Housing, our Community Aqua-Therapy Pool Program and many of our Sundry Services including congregate dining, entertainment events and special fund raising events.

Apartment units are generously sized and come in 8 different layouts. The breakdown of our units, their square footage and current price ranges are as follows:


One, two and three bedroom units ranging from $166,000.00 to $239,000.00
(Monthly Common Element Fees: 1  bedroom units $780 / 2 bedroom units $801 / 3 bedroom unit $862)

Apartment unit features include:

  • heating and air conditioning controlled within each unit;
  • central vacuum system;
  • storage room within the unit;
  • five appliances (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer);
  • venetian blinds for all windows;
  • all rooms are wheelchair accessible.

Lindenhaus has an active Residents’ Association which plan and co-ordinate a number of social activities and outings. The Association promotes good relations and fellowship among the residents, and provides a liaison between the resident and management of Heidehof.


Tom Berta


Kristine Kaholy


Judy Giesbrecht


Lorraine Stanford


Helga Hertel

Member at Large

For further information regarding Lindenhaus, contact:

The Co-ordinator of Life Lease Services: Denise D’Intino
565 Lake Street, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2N 7R9
Tel: (905) 935-3344 Ex. 5244

Mondays to Fridays 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon.